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Patch 1.31 ed Espansione Leviathans

Discussione in 'Europa Universalis 4' iniziata da ^_AC_^, 8 Luglio 2020.

  1. kaiser85


    29 Marzo 2007
    Alla fine ho deciso di aspettare perchè qualcosa mi puzzava e infatti ci sarà una nuova patch.
  2. ^_AC_^

    ^_AC_^ Moderator Membro dello Staff

    20 Dicembre 2006
    Ci sta. Però al momento non è chiaro quando arriverà. Secondo me o riescono prima di fine mese oppure bisogna aspettare Settembre... però Tinto sta a Barcellona e non in Svezia quindi magari non fanno le ferie a Luglio. Non ci avevo pensato, a questo punto è possibile anche una patch a Luglio per EU4. Vedremo.
  3. ^_AC_^

    ^_AC_^ Moderator Membro dello Staff

    20 Dicembre 2006
    É stata rilasciata sotto forma di beta con password (come la precedente) una nuova beta patch, la 1.31.5.
    Sembra abbastanza corposa, con varie modifiche a bilanciamento e risoluzioni di bug, oltre a qualche aggiunta (sia semplici aggiunte qualità-della-vita che più corpose come i nuovi monumenti promessi). Ecco il changelog completo:
    # Gamebalance
    # Economy
    - Centers of Trade now require 10 development to upgrade to Level 2 and 25 development to Level 3.
    - The manufactory "Impressment Offices" will now increase Local Shipbuilding Time by 10% and reduce Local Ship Costs by 5%. This modifier is doubled when placed on a Salt, Fish or Naval province.
    - Edicts no longer available for Natives.
    - Tribal development no longer counts towards the "large city" age objective.

    # Governments
    - Ruthenia and Russia now lose their accessibility to the Tsardom government reform should they swap their primary culture.
    - Fixed issue where muslim theocracies couldn't use aristocratic ideas any more.
    - Players, who have Emperor but not Common Sense and have a government, which should have granted them the parliament, are no longer blocked from Summoning the Diet.
    - Siberians can migrate again.
    - The Feudal Theocracy is now available for Zoroastrian nations too. The Government button "Invite Minorities from Abroad" might be less useful for a Zoroastrian country though.
    - Reverted previous change to add HRE Emperor territory to the HRE, fixed an issue of foreign emperor subjects after revoking the privilegia.

    # Religion
    - The event "Reform Passed" caused by the Religious Reforms of Nahuatl or Mayan countries now gives a mutal truce with the country and all of its freed subjects.
    - Allow female Defenders of the Faith for Anglican religion.
    - The Zoroastrian blessings have been buffed. Yasna will now give -0.05 Yearly Corruption, Haoma will give +10% Goods Produced Modifier, Dakhma will give now -10% Construction Cost.
    - The decision "Rekindling the Royal Fires" for Zoroastrian nations is now a major decision and gives you a permanent +20% Manpower in True Faith provinces when enacted.
    - Increased the amount of papal influence required to block excommunication to 50.

    # Units
    - Drilling your armies is now locked at mil tech 3.

    # War & Peace
    - Capped Vassalization CB no longer applies to co-belligerent & non co-belligerent chains.
    - Request Relative as Heir no longer causes AE with the entire world.
    - Balanced Galleys so they lose to heavy ships in open seas but get a slight bonus on coasts.
    - CB granted by Reichskrieg allows player to integrate big countries to the HRE.
    - Fixed some issues with zone of control and return province by removing the logic for moving along enemy provinces as long as they border non-hostile territory.

    # Other
    - Changed Taj Mahal's Prestige modifier for a Monthly Splendor one in Tiers 2 and 3.
    - Increased Himeji Castle's Defensiveness in province to 50% at Tier 3.
    - Increased Kremlin's local manpower modifier to +25%, +50%, +100% per tier.
    - Buffed Baku Ateshgah to +10% Discipline, as it now requires being Zoroastrian to use it.
    - Changed Buddhist monuments karma increase for a karma decay modifier.
    - Changed Hagia Sophia so making it usable for Catholics, and adding Papal Influence as a modifier; and also balancing it with Kiev Pechersk Lavra.
    - Changed Parthenon to require either pagan religion, same religion as owner; or Greek culture in the province, the owner has it as primary or accepted culture (as Stonehenge and Pyramid).
    - Changed Petra to require Syrian or Bedouin culture in the province, the owner has it as primary or accepted culture (no religion required furthermore).
    - Changed Pyramid to require having Egyptian culture in the province, the owner has it as primary or accepted culture (as Stonehenge and Parthenon).
    - Increased Manpower monument speeding up cost to 7.500.
    - Lowered monument upgrade cost to 1.000/2.500/5.000 depending on tier.
    - Morocco starts now with the privilege "Strong Duchies" in 1444. With this change, Sus will no longer betray Morocco from day 1 like they used to do.
    - New monuments added (El Escorial, Holy City of Jerusalem, Cerro Rico del Potosí, Kaaba, Great Mosque of Djenné, and Imperial City of Hue), and one replaced (Pena Palace for Belém Tower).
    - The opinion penalty by the HRE diplomatic action "Enforce Religious Unity" has been reduced to -10 from -25. It also has a minimum cap of -100 opinion.
    - Changed Borobodur Temple to have -5% Culture Conversion cost at Tier 1, and made reduced Autonomy global instead of area one at Tier 3.
    - Changed Ambras Castle to have scalated Drill Gain modifier at Tier 1 (+10%) and Tier 2 (+30%).
    - Changed City of Khami to have scalated Cost to fabricate claims at Tier 1 (-10%), Tier 2 (-20%) and Tier 3 (-30%).
    - Changed Kanbawzathadi Palace Diplomatic reputation to 1 at Tiers 2 and 3.

    # AI
    # Diplomacy
    - Improved AI for requesting relative as heir.

    # War
    - Fixed AI calculation issue of how hard a rebel army is to beat.
    - Vassals of other subjects now participate in wars even if their immediate overlord has high liberty desire from their overlord.
    - AI controlled Trading Cities can't take provinces or vassals in peace deals any more.

    # Other
    - Removed some restrictions on AI choosing religious reforms.
    - Subjects no longer release vassals.

    # Interface
    # Country
    - Added a highlight for free policies that are available.

    # Mapmodes
    - Added Religious Leagues mapmode.
    - Added Great Projects Mapmode (in Geographical).
    - Devastation now shows on map for non-owned provinces (for natives to navigate around easier).
    - Fixed issue when switching map modes while in Land Units and Land Templates sub-tabs in Land units tab being displayed permanently.
    - Added Perpetual Diet location to HRE interface and mapmode.

    # Tooltips
    - Draft ships tooltip in Eastern Plutocracy reform removed without Leviathan DLC.
    - Custom nation ideas now use their customized description.
    - Fixed some misinformation on the tooltip for Join HRE.
    - War negotiation tooltip now shows changes to trust and favors.
    - Added a tooltip warning in the country selection view if coop mode is not enabled and players are trying to select the same country.
    - Improved regency tooltip to specify the end date.
    - Clarifications for what Merchant Republic Mechanics entails for Black Market Consortium reform in the tooltip.
    - Fixed so show the monument trigger when it's also passed.
    - Improved tooltip for inland to sea galley bonus.
    - Fixed so not applicable modifiers are greyed out in national ideas instead of being hidden.

    # Unitmodels
    - Custom nations unit sprites are now of correct culture.
    - Big rework of how unit models are triggered and the load order priority of unit packs - many tag-specific sprite packs are now triggered by things like culture or culture group rather than country tag. This also means that when countries like Scotland or Normandy form Great Britain or France, they get to keep their unique units.
    - European Cavalry pack (England, France Spain) now appears correctly.
    - Lan Xang unit packs now show up properly.
    - Winged Hussars unit models now appear properly.
    - Horsemen of the Crescent unit models now appear properly.
    - [Native American Unit Packs] Most Native American models re-exported with dynamic colours.
    - [Native American Unit Packs] Native American models spread around North America to cover most cultures.
    - [Native American Unit Packs] Native American models now keep their unqiue Tier 1 units when upgrading to Tier 2, but swap their melee weapons for muskets.
    - Purple Phoenix units applied to all cultures in Byzantine group.

    # Other
    - Added Tribal Development to ledger and development mapmode.
    - Fixed so the merchant icon doesn't appear for all subject types in subjects view.
    - Fixed overflow issue in the Next Guru Effects UI.
    - Added an alert for when federation cohesion maxes out.
    - Added country column to the Great Projects ledger page.
    - Central Doab Center of Trade Modifier Icon is no longer overlapped by Center of Trade.
    - Changing displayed Unit Type or Technology Tier no longer closes Sprite Pack list in Nation Designer.
    - Select buildings view is now closed when changing provinces.
    - Tutorial now explains corruption.
    - Fixed misleading information in the tooltip for corruption.
    - Added a warning message when player is going to lose his ships under construction due to migrating to a province with no port.
    - Added a chat message when a player is kicked.
    - Fixed so you can see if a player is the primary controller of a country.
    - The player names are no longer cut off before the buttons to the right in the ingame multiplayer lobby.
    - Fixed a modifier inconsistency for the Registan Square monument.

    # Usermodding
    # Modifiers
    - Added a yearly doom reduction modifier yearly_doom_reduction.

    # Triggers
    - Added general_with_name trigger, which correctly checks if a unit has a general with a specified name assigned to them.
    - num_of_colonies now counts colony provinces while colony trigger counts subjects.

    # Other
    - Fixed a CTD for loading a save from a mod with new mercenary companies into the regular game which doesn't have those mercenary companies.
    - Fixed a savegame corruption related to inexistent unit types.
    - Fixed a lot of CTDs caused by missing GUI objects in mods.
    - Fixed a CTD related to nudger, province graphics, and graphical cultures.
    - Can now manually set the priorities of which unit packs override each other in gfx/sprite_packs_order

    # Script
    # Achievements
    - Fixed province highlighting on stiff upper lippe achievement.
    - The achievement "Keep the Flame Burning" does no longer require the province Shamakhi.
    - The Achievement "World Conqueror" now counts indirect subjects (like Colonies of a Client State or Vassals of a Personal Union) as your subjects.
    - The Achievement "World Conqueror" now highlights all provinces, which are not under your or your subjects' control instead of highlighting every non-owned province.
    - Fixed some script issues for achievements.

    # Decisions
    - Forming Malaya will now ask the player if they want to update their ideas.
    - The decision "Flee to Brazil" will now properly set your captial to Brazil - regardless if it was in Europe or elsewhere on the world before.

    # Events
    - Scandinavia can now get the flavor events of Denmark, Sweden and Norway - depending on which nation Scandinavia used to be.
    - The Ayutthayan event "Constantine Phaulkon" will now increase Openness / Reactionism as intended.
    - The Event "An Ideology for our Empire" will now harmonize the previous religion as it used to do.
    - The Fetishist event "Cave Maitenance" will now properly check if every owned province has not "Maintenance of the Sacred Cave" in effect already.
    - The Fetishist event "Consort Sighted!" will now apply -1 Unrest to a province as it was intended.
    - The Portuguese event "The Tower of Belem" will now charge 500 Ducats, but will now upgrade the Monument "Belem Tower" by one level. The event behaves as usual when Leviathan is not enabled.
    - The event "Gaps in the Blockade" will now properly check if you are blocked in the first place.
    - The event "The Spice Must Flow"'s option "The spice flows." will now give 5 Prestige as it was intended.
    - The event "Damarwulan's Victory" now correctly checks if Damarwulan has been involved in the battles.
    - Ruler from hindu_events.48 no longer has fixed monarch stats.
    - Fixed an issue in the monopoly extension event tooltip.
    - Fixed text on monopoly_privileges.6 button tooltip.
    - The event "pirates.25", which updates the ideas for Pirate nations, is now instantaneous and doesn't require one day to wait to happen.
    - Fixed issues with event burghers_estate_events.17, french_wars_of_religion.13, dotf.4.

    # Ideas
    - Added 64 new ideas for Custom Nations to pick from.
    - Added some logic behind the assignments of ideas to randomly generated countries of the setting "Random Setup", which should reduce the chance of getting unusable or very niche ideas.
    - Added a new Policy for the Indigenous/Maritine Ideas combination.
    - Fixed inconsistencies with some reduced advisor cost idea descriptions.
    - The policy "Appeal to the Old Powers" is now unlocked by the Indigenous/Diplomacy Ideas combination instead of the Indigenous/Trade Ideas combination.
    - The Bologne idea "Rebellion Against the Papacy" now grants +1 Tolerance of the True Faith atop of its Fervor and Church Power bonus.

    # Missions
    - Fixed Brandenburg/Prussia Kiel Canal mission when owning Leviathan DLC.
    - Fixed Conquer Picardy French Mission requiring Calais.
    - Modified the requirements for Sunda's "Restore Borobudur" mission
    - Palembang has decided to be more ambitious and has their duplicate column of missions replaced with the intended missions.
    - The Malaccan mission "Make a Show of Force" will no longer give you a subjugation casus belli against Siak if they are already dead.
    - The Malaccan mission "Subjugate Pahang" will now properly assign the subjugation casus bellis against Kelantan, Pattani and Kedah.
    - The Vietnamese mission "The Imperial City" will upgrade the monument "Imperial City of Hue" by one level when completed.
    - The misison "Renovate Berlin" now requires you to actually have Berlin.
    - The mission "Like Thunder" now points you to enemy provinces.
    - The mission "Religious Conversion" no longer requires you to be non-Pagan.
    - The mission "Religious Conversion" now highlights all the heretic provinces of your island correctly. Additionally, the trigger now shows that the current age needs to be the Age of Reformation or later.
    - The mission "Taming of the Sands" will no longer highlight provinces hold by Hasinai.
    - The mission "Trade Dominance" highlights your home trade node instead to Malacca.
    - The Ayutthayan mission "Royal Absolutism" will now ask the player if they want to update their ideas when switching to Siam.
    - The Maori mission "Centralize the Realm" now gives monarch points if you are no longer tribal instead of trying to enact the Polynesian Kingdom.
    - The Maori mission "Loyal Subjects" will no longer require that all estates have less than 10 influence. Instead, it will now require that every estate has less 40 influence and a loyalty of 65 or higher.
    - The Maori mission "Own a Center of Trade" will now upgrade only ONE of your Centers of Trade instead of every single one.
    - The Maori mission "Riri Wars" will give you now +100 ADM power and 0.15 years of Manpower if there is no rival left for getting a CB against.
    - The Maori mission "Expand the Trade Routes"'s requirement is now consistent wit itself, meaning the amount of trade buildings you need to have is always 3 or 2 with 20 light ships.
    - The Maori mission "Gain Mana"'s requirement has been nerfed to having 2 stability down from 3.
    - Fixed issues in Alpine Fortifications and Fortify the Passes missions.
    - Fixed force tributary state CB granted by missions in Tonga and Samoa disappearing on next monthly tick.

    # Modifiers
    - Added a missing localization for the modifier caused by the feature "Expand Infrastructure".

    # Setup
    - Changed the duplicative provinces names in North America. The province "Eyeish" (ID 926) has now been renamed to "Ais" and the province "Combahee" (ID 2541) has been renamed to "Saluda".
    - The province modifiers "Cerro Rico" and "The Conquest of Jerusalem" are no longer active when Leviathan is enabled as their modifiers are embedded in their respective monuments.
    - Fixed unit positions for Cochati, Monacan, Mohetan, Rhade, Tay Nguyen.
    - Strait connecting Epagoitgnag (983) to rest of Canada is assigned to correct province.
    - Added a lot of missing adjectives for the provinces, which got added with Leviathan.
    - Renamed some duplicative provinces.

    # Other
    - The Age reward "Austrian Diplomacy" is now avaliable for the united Holy Roman Empire.
    - The Age reward "Prussian Discipline" is now avaliable for Germany.
    - The Age reward "Swedish Recruitment" is now avaliable for Scandinavia.
    - The Disaster "Aspiration for Liberty" now triggers if your stability is below 0 instead of 1. Additionally, it will no longer progress faster when your capital has embraced the Revolution.
    - The Disasters "Revolution" and "French Revolution" now progress faster if your capital has embraced the Revolution. Additionally, the amount of progress through Absolutism has been increased significantly.
    - The technology costs for custom nations have been standardized (with the exception of Aboriginal technology group). For a custom nation in the new world, all technologies, which start with tech level 3, cost 75 points while all technologies with tech level 2 cost 50 points.
    - The Monument Tenochtitlan gives now 0.33/0.66/1.00 Yearly Doom Reduction.
    - The monument Versailles will now give -1 Unrest in the area instead of +1 Unrest.

    # Bugfixes
    - Country leaving HRE modifiers are unified so they're consistent.
    - Fixed an issue with custom nations overriding others in MP.
    - Maya doesn't get released as part of nation-collapse when doing religious reforms.
    - Native Federation that's not one of the presets will change tag/ideas after reforming Federal Constitution.
    - Seizing land from an empty estate will no longer cause a revolt.
    - It's no longer possible to use threaten war to bypass invalid CB.
    - Fixed issue with AE vs Native tribes.
    - Fixed issue where annexed native tribes still owned tribal land.
    - Armies are no longer disbanded if only one of 2 attached armies are attached to transport ships.
    - Birthplace of Colonialism institution no longer granted to a nation being late in the colonization race.
    - Fixed issue where you couldn't speed up progress on monuments after continuing save.
    - Custom nation monarchs now match user-set culture/religion.
    - Fixed issue in the production tutorial.
    - Fixed an inconsistency in native institutions behaviour.
    - Fixed an issue with using return core on vassals.
    - Influencing a country can no longer have a negative cost if the target is making no money from taxes.
    - Leave Religious League cooldown can no longer be avoided by saving and loading the game.
    - Modifier granted by the third Indigenous Idea "The Great Law" is now applied after reforming from a tribe.
    - Renaming newly generated heir no longer clears history.
    - Siberian frontier colonies that were burned can now be renewed.
    - Stop HRE disbanding during league war if the emperor dies with a female heir.
    - Zoroastrian blessing Haoma is now working.
    - Unusual characters for Catalan and Irish province names appear correctly on the map.
    - Fixed some issues with tribal land not being given correctly in peace deals.
    - The Monuments, which were supposed to give you estate loyalty when upgrading them, will now do that.
    - Various issues with CBs and war goals fixed.
    - Fixed a CTD when joining multiplayer game on Linux.
    - Fixed a CTD related to invalid mercenaries.
    - Fixed a CTD when tooltipping siege in outliner.
    - Fixed a CTD related to non-existent great projects.
    - Fixed a CTD related to HRE incidents.
    - Fixed some CTDs related to peace offers.
    - Fixed a CTD related to client not having some DLCs activated the the host does.
    - Fixed a crash related to generating monarch skill levels.
    - Fixed an OOS related to the death of a ruler.
    - Fixed an OOS related to religious school.
    - Fixed an OOS related to heir stats generation.
    - Fixed an OOS related to mismatch of activated DLCs between host and client.
    - Fixed an issues with kicking people from the outliner.
    - Fixed an issue where the war icon would show up the first frame the player is created in the outliner.
    - Fixed an issue where the Victory Card pop-up text overlaps with "Ok" button in French version.
    - Fixed some inconsistencies for a foreign emperor with subjects.
    - Fixed a savegame corruption issue related to having a unit with an invalid mission.
    - Fixed issue with unclosed quotation marks in some Greek country files.
    - Various file encoding issues.
    - Various localization issues.
    - Various script issues.

    # Other
    - Improved game performance in wartime.
    - Regents can no longer claim foreign thrones based on their own dynasty.
    - Can now change from non migratory back to migratory via reforms.
    - Fixed so Parthenon is displayed with or without the minaret tower depending on religion.
    Così al volo vedo la soluzione di alcuni dei problemi della precedente patch di cui ho letto più spesso (CB per cobelligeranti rimosso, AE per parenti sul trono ridotto, ridotta efficienza galee in mare aperto).
    Non ci sono ulteriori informazioni, se non che hanno l'intenzione di lavorare per un po' su questa beta, aggiungendo modifiche nel tempo (a differenza della 1.31.4 la cui versione beta è stata poi rilasciata ufficialmente senza ulteriori modifiche). Quindi immagino che per un po' non verrà rilasciata ufficialmente, ma rimarrà in beta e verrà aggiornata con modifiche. Poi ovviamente sembra essere questa l'intenzione, vedremo se sarà effettivamente così.
    Fonte: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/foru...apahit-beta-now-available-for-opt-in.1479711/

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