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Nuova patch beta 1.11.01 per WITE

Discussione in 'War in the East' iniziata da blizzard, 10 Novembre 2017.

  1. blizzard

    blizzard Moderator Membro dello Staff

    13 Ottobre 2011
    Il gioco riceve ancora preziosi aggiornamenti; incollo qui le principali modifiche:

    Hi Everybody,

    Gary Grigsby's War in the East has been updated to Public Beta version 1.11.01!

    You can download the patch from Members Area or from the Public Area

    Please feel free to check the patch notes below for all the new features and changes made.

    • New Features

      • 1. Isolated units will be allowed to build forts up to level 2, rather than 1.
        2. Optimized check that prevents assigning units to HQs that are overloaded by 100% or more. It should now take less time to reassign units, either manually or automatically.
        3. Reduced the cost of Soviet fort units, from 16 to 8 in June 1941, and from 8 to 4 between July and October 1941.
        4. Increased the radius in which fort level 1 is allowed to be built - from 20 to 25 hexes from unfrozen, supplied enemy combat units.
        5. Increased the radius in which fort level 2 is allowed to be built - from 3 to 4 hexes from unfrozen, supplied enemy combat units. Fort level 2 will be also allowed to be built in any town, as well as in heavy woods, rough, and mountain terrain. However, in mountain terrain fort level 2 will be the maximum level (as in swamp).
        6. Minimum base rail supply modifier for both sides changed from 25% to 10% (before weather effect is applied).
        7. Base Axis rail supply modifier will be decreased by 20 (instead of 10) before November 1941, and by 10 (instead of 0) before April 1942.
        8. HQ build up base cost will be now equal to 1 AP per 5000 men (as before) plus 1 AP per 75 guns plus 1 AP per 50 AFVs, in order to better match supply needs of infantry vs artillery vs motorized units (artillery units need ammo, motorized units need fuel), and also increase the cost of this operation. For example when calculated alone the cost changes as follows: 41b Panzer Division from 4AP to 12AP, 41a Infantry Division from 4AP to 8AP, 43 Breakthrough Artillery Division from 3AP to 9AP.
        9. It will be now impossible to disband Soviet army-level air HQs.
        10. The game will now offer better hints when it’s impossible to load a scenario, or a saved game, from an uninstalled expansion.
        11. Ground elements shown in replacement tables displayed in the logistics phase log will be presented in the same order as elements on production screen.
        12. Mortar, rocket and MG units will have the same movement sound as artillery, anti-tank and anti-air units.
        13. Major improvement to German translation. Changed the way shortened names are translated. Instead of shortening first, and then translating word by word (which usually failed), the name will be first translated, and only then shortened. Added German short names, updated English short names. Unit names in general, as well as leader and HQ names in battle reports, various windows and other reports will be now properly translated.
        14. It will be now impossible to perform HQ build up in frozen HQs.
        15. Reduced German vehicle class ground element repair bonus from 10 to 5 in 1941-1944, and from 5 to 0 in 1945.
        16. Slightly increased post combat losses, more for attackers/victors than for defenders/losers.
        17. Adjusted fighting withdrawal combat event, so that artillery and support elements can suffer some losses, even when it happens. Adjusted counterattack combat event, so that artillery and support elements can suffer some losses, even when it doesn’t happen.
        18. Added new traction type - towed (existing types are: stationary, foot, horse, vehicle). Elements with this traction type always use fuel (like “vehicle” traction type), but require additional vehicles (one per element, except when static) to tow them (foot and horse elements require additional vehicles and use fuel only in motorized units). Changed default traction type for Medium Flak, Heavy Artillery, Heavy Flak, Heavy AT Gun, and Medium Flak/AT ground element types from horse to towed. Changed default traction type for Very Heavy Flak ground element type from horse to stationary.
        19. Added the ability to define custom traction type for each ground element, instead of using default value based on ground element type.
        20. On-map units with stationary elements (either in unit or in TOE) will be rendered immobile by having 0 MP and 0 SMP (like forts, partisan units and certain HQs). Support units with stationary elements will be prevented from being detached from cities, just like “Flakturm” and “Static LW Flak” units. All those units will be treated as static and fort units for the purpose of calculating vehicle need.
        21. Added several new unit-related tests to scenario check tool.
        22. Changed the availability of various ammo types (reduced HVAP availability for early war Axis and late war Soviets; increased HEAT availability for late war Soviets; increased AP and reduced HE availability for the Axis). HVAP ammo will be selectable on longer ranges, while HEAT ammo will be selectable on shorter ranges. This applies only if several types of ammo are available for given device.
        23. Tactical Bomber aircraft type redesignated Dive Bomber (it was operating as such according to game mechanics). EW aircraft type changed to Ground Attack (mostly identical to Dive Bomber, but attacking like a slightly better version of Fighter Bomber when operating as bomber). Patrol aircraft type changed to Strategic Recon (identical to Recon). Float and Torpedo Bomber aircraft types hidden in the editor. Non-German air groups can switch between Recon and Strategic Recon types freely. All air groups can switch between Dive Bombers and Ground Attack types freely.
        24. Added the ability to define percentage of production going to the East Front for individual German and Italian ground elements and aircraft.

      Bug fixes

      • 1. Fixed a bug where eligible support units attached to HQs were not assisting in fort construction.
        2. Fixed a bug in Sudden Death victory conditions, that could incorrectly show Axis Major or Axis Minor victory instead of Soviet Decisive victory.
        3. Fixed a bug where hexes around Lake Ladoga weren't detected as coastal zone hexes for the purposes of finding max fort level allowed in hex, while hexes not in any coastal zone (inland) were detected as coastal zone hexes, thus allowing fort level 2 everywhere on the map (except around Lake Ladoga), contradicting rules as designed.
        4. Fixed memory leak in translation file loading code (courtesy of Pavel Zagzin).
        5. Fixed a bug where certain texts were written into scenario check file without attempting translation.
        6. Fixed a bug where battle statistics were not cleared for every new battle.
        7. Fixed a bug where it was sometimes possible to perform HQ build up with merged units when it shouldn’t be allowed (incorrect merge of “at start of turn” movement points - selecting lowest instead of highest value).
        8. Fixed a bug where sorting of “Range to HQ” and “MP to HQ” columns in Commander’s Report was broken.
        9. Fixed a bug where stationary elements (of type Naval Gun, actually not used in the game) could require fodder for horses or vehicles and fuel.
        10. Fixed a bug where units with 0 max MP could get 100 SMP when adjusted in the editor.
        11. Fixed a bug where some support units attached to cities could be shown as being isolated when starting a new scenario, and checking them without first moving a single unit.
        12. Fixed a bug where it was impossible to set surrender flag for Yugoslavia in the editor. Disabled the ability to set surrender flag for Germany and Soviet Union.
        13. Fixed a bug where it was possible to attach support units to cities outside of active map area.
        14. Fixed a bug where surrendered countries were not initialized properly on scenario start. The game now makes sure their air groups and units are deleted, their pools emptied and all non-generic factories removed. Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Finland are also set to neutral control.
        15. Fixed a bug where the game was not aware of the need to build and not decompose new ground elements, if they were present only in TOEs, while units still used obsolete ground elements.
        16. Fixed a bug where in supply status was cleared for support units attached to cities during certain part of the logistics phase, and they were unable to return extra trucks.
        17. Fixed a bug where rail in Imatra (on Finnish-Soviet border) was changed to Axis rail on every scenario load, or new game start.
        18. Fixed a bug where one Guards Rifle Division, one Rifle Division, and one Guards Rifle Brigade formed a Rifle Corps instead of a Guards Rifle Corps.
        19. Fixed a bug where aircraft usage of soon withdrawing air groups was not included in aircraft usage totals, affecting upgrade/swap procedure.
        20. Fixed a bug where reserve aircraft could be moved to the applicable production pool even from understrength air groups. A full strength air group will now be able to return only one reserve aircraft to the pool.
        21. Fixed a bug where some air groups equipped with Fw 190F or Fw 190G could be forcibly converted to bomber-trained on new game start.
        22. Fixed a bug where aircraft loadout adjustment could replace bombs on dive bombers with some LMGs in very rare circumstances.
        23. Fixed a bug where there was no combat message reporting fighters downed by defensive fire from attacked bombers, as well as those reporting fighters downed in a dogfight.
        24. Fixed a bug where air to air combat mode was based solely on mission of the attacked aircraft. Made sure fighters of all types, as well as agile (crew of 1, climb of at least 2000) recon, and tactical bomber aircraft (mostly based on light fighter airframes) are able to enter dogfight mode, instead of flying straight like heavy bombers.

      Scenario & data changes

      • 1. Road to Dnepropetrovsk: fixed names of construction units attached to Rumanian rail repair unit, so that it will get more MP per turn.
        2. Road to Kiev: replaced FBD 5 with Rumanian rail repair unit.
        3. All scenarios: number of support squads in Soviet HQs reduced to realistic levels.
        4. Several campaigns: reduce Pioneer Squads in 1st Skijager Bde to 1.
        5. Added disbands for 75th Mountain Construction Bn and 369th (Croat) Infantry Rgt (2/43).
        6. Changed withdrawals to disbands for 85th Mountain Pioneer Bn and III/111th Mountain Howitzer Bn.
        7. Soviet Guards units with a separate TOE will use a better MG from 1943 on.
        8. General strengthening of Soviet Cavalry Corps.
        9. Ensure the Soviet 76mm ZiS guns will get into service by mid 1942 in Guards units, and by the end of 1942 in all other units.
        10. Fixed date bug with 1941 Sapper Squad.
        11. All Nebelwerfer/Jagdpanzer units renamed to Werfer/Panzerjager.
        12. Modified setup of LG2 air groups in 1941-45 Campaign, and some early 1941 scenarios.
        13. Modified artillery set up in German Airlanding, Mountain, Jager, and Light Infantry Divisions.
        14. Numerous small scenario fixes.
        15. Standardized layout of scenario description files. Author credits added to base game scenarios.
        16. Fixed control of hexes outside playable area in late war scenarios to better resemble actual frontlines and deny certain resources.
        17. KV-1 M1940 (now with proper F-32 main gun) made producible until 9/41, replacing KV-1 M1941 in combat units.
        18. All BAK Air Corps HQs will now disband.
        19. Permanently frozen Hungarian infantry brigades/divisions will now retain smaller TOE compared to “released” combat divisions.
        20. Fixed LT-38E production bug, resulting in 900 of these being built.
        21. Soviet Tank Divisions rebuilt with historical equipment.
        22. Removed scheduled Soviet Tank Brigades with the same numbers as existing Tank Divisions.
        23. Stalingrad to Berlin: properly freezing Hungarian home defense units.
        24. Adjusted Hungarian front and home defense units across multiple scenarios, ensuring home defense units will become reserve divisions, while front divisions will become infantry divisions.
        25. Renaming five 100-series Hungarian divisions back to standard naming scheme.
        26. Some duplicate Hungarian divisions renamed or removed, missing units added.
        27. 1st Hungarian Cavalry Brigade will now disband in early 1942, and will be replaced by an Axis Elite 1st Cavalry Division which is frozen until May 1944.
        28. German Fi 156 production cut in half (not a true recon aircraft).
        29. Unused/improper Italian 20mm anti-tank gun replaced by 75mm mountain gun; adjusted Italian mountain division OBs to use it.
        30. Added Italian 75/32 75mm field gun (available January 1943), modifying front infantry/celere divisions and light gun battalions to switch to this gun.
        31. Added Italian 149/13 howitzer, delaying the 149/19 gun to 1943; adjusted Italian heavy howitzer battalions accordingly.
        32. Operation Blue, Winter 42/43, and Stalingrad to Berlin: added Italian garrison forces to Balkan area.
        33. Many changes to Italian units, their equipment and OBs, using a reduced OB for Balkan garrison forces and strengthened/better equipped OBs for front units.
        34. Reduced range of German 105mm and 150mm howitzers. Introduced longer range versions, available from 1943. Wespe and Hummel SP artillery adjusted accordingly.
        35. Reworked setup of Finnish coastal brigades. Some will be present on the map as permanently frozen units in Helsinki, Turku, Kotka, and Porvoo. Some will be no longer available.

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