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Italian Wings Mod

Discussione in 'War in the Pacific: Admiral Edition' iniziata da Von Gters, 15 Luglio 2017.

  1. Von Gters

    Von Gters

    10 Ottobre 2016
    Guardo ora e finalmente sono in ferie fino al 10 settembre. Quando tirno a casa lo metto su. Comunque quel sito dove ho uppato i files, è gratuito e non fa spam via mail ecc... quindi direi tranquillo)
  2. kaptaniderya


    8 Luglio 2018
    Gentlemen, I apologize not being able to reply in Italian. I hope this gets translated somehow. I was wondering the Med. Modification was close to release ? I have been playing the WITPAE for a long time and was really wondering to test some different flavors in PBEM.

    Also in a different forum I had proposed that the Ironman version can certainly use some additions from the Italian units as well but noone bothered to reply me. So if any of you interested in trying that out I will most happy to help fellow neighbours.

    Actually, if anyone is intersted in playing such a exotic scenario I will be sure participate as well , I must admit matrix forum is most about the plain vanilla PBEMs.

    Anyhow, once more I apologize for my lack of Italian and hope that you will answer positively to me as a fellow witpae player

    kindest greetings

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