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Rilasciata Patch 1.05.2 (8 Giugno 2022)

Discussione in 'Darkest Hour' iniziata da ^_AC_^, 8 Giugno 2022.

  1. ^_AC_^

    ^_AC_^ Moderator Membro dello Staff

    20 Dicembre 2006
    Dopo più di 4 anni dall'ultimo rilascio ufficiale, oggi è stata rilasciata la patch 1.05.2 di Darkest Hour.

    Si tratta di una piccola hotfix limitata esclusivamente al motore di gioco (quindi senza modifiche ad altri file) e compatibile con i savegame della 1.05.0 e della 1.05.1.

    Questo è la lista di bugfix forniti dalla patch:
    1. Removed unit and brigade types and models limitation to allow values above 127 to be used. Fixed crash on start building custom units of type u_88 or above.
    2. Province improvements ordered from province panel with Ctrl, Shift or Shift+Ctrl (build to the max) sometimes are one level less (for example order 8 instead of 9 infra levels for prov with 10% infra)
    3. Fix CTD on automatic brigade detach from unit in redeployment pool on upgrade to another unit type - 1.02 bug
    4. Fixes various issues with expeditionary forces left under command of another country indefinitely. Reclaim and return all expeditionary forces on:
    - separate peace
    - making a country puppet
    - country ban from alliance
    5. Recalculate alliance leader when old alliance leader is:
    - made a puppet
    - annexed
    6. Fix not deleted units in redeployment pool on accepted peace with forced disarmament clause.
    7. Fix issue with auto creation of resource convoy from oversea puppets when the puppet country has own convoys. (for example ENG puppet to GER)
    8. Fix issue with maintaining of resource convoys (no transports assigned) from oversea puppets when the puppet has no resources produced in its provinces. (for example OMN puppet to GER)
    9. Fix issue with fleets not getting experience from sunk enemy convoys.
    10. Change combat distance of convoy attack from 0km to attacking fleet's desired range.
    11. Fix issue with secedearea / secederegion commands with default/old logic ([when = 0] or no [when] specified) together with [which = -1] (secede to current controller) preventing secession of provinces - 1.02 bug
    Ci sono anche alcune piccolissime feature:
    1. Added option for air units on Naval Strike mission to attack enemy convoys.
    2. Set the country with most IC as alliance leader when the old leader is removed from the alliance (made puppet or annexed). Note: Player controlled countries still get a bonus of 100 points.
    3. Removed cost for trade deals between allied or puppet-master countries.
    Fonte: https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/darkest-hour-patch-1-05-2-hot-fix-release.1530186/
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