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CMBN Patch

Discussione in 'Combat Mission' iniziata da Blind Sniper, 21 Novembre 2014.

  1. Blind Sniper

    Blind Sniper

    2 Febbraio 2009
    Rilasciata la patch 3.11 che potete trovare qui e conterrà le seguenti novità:

    New 3.11 Feature List
    - Group moves and evade commands are no longer a workaround for weight-restricted movement speed.
    - M1 Garand rifle-grenadiers carry more rifle ammo.
    - Minor fixes to new German vehicle models to prevent crew from poking through the armor.
    - ATG bunkers have a more realistic (limited) front arc for their guns.

    - Quick Battle TO&E options have been improved
    - Mouse text for targeting: too close or out of range
    - Aircraft control returned to original method (observers have control)
    - Towed guns look better as vehicle turns
    - Corrected some TacAI problems with crewmen positioning themselves around a heavy weapon
    - Better logic selecting the two men for scout teams
    - Fixed a bug that sometimes caused buttoned-up tank crew to be suppressed by external explosions
    - Artillery usually requires another spotting round or two before acquiring the target
    - Off-map rockets generally cost more points in quick battles
    - Improved TacAI logic for placing teams along walls (this is repeated/completed in v3.11 so maybe skip mention of it here)
    - Improved coordination between tank hull and turret rotation
    - Improved long-range optics for JPz IV, Jagdpanther
    - Very heavily-laden soldiers cannot use Fast or sometimes even Quick moves

    Inoltre anche questa richiederà il reinserimento dei seriali:

    After installing the patch correctly, you MAY be required to activate the game again. If you own the Vehicle Pack, you will NOT have to activate your game. If you don't own the Vehicle Pack, you WILL have to reactivate. Please follow the instructions below - IMPORTANT! THIS HAS CHANGED FROM PREVIOUS VERSIONS!

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